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Waist Trainers are Shrinking up to 4 Inches off Women


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  • Durable
  • Danceable
  • No Itching
  • Cooling Technology
  • Fast Delivery
  • Perfect Match


Training your waist is an AMAZING way to subtract the inches from the midsection fast


  • Spending Hours at the Gym
  • Pain Recovery from a TummyTuck Surgery
  • Giving up Your Favorite Foods


Waist trainers give an INSTANT hourglass look, and in some cases, have helped reduce inches around the waist. When worn postpartum, they have been known to help reduce swelling and pain.

Before After

They work similarly to corsets with a few important differences. Where corsets went out of fashion due to extreme discomfort, Waist Trainers by Harriet are built with that in mind!

  • No Discomfort
  • No Pain
  • Giving up Your Favorite Foods
  • No Pinching
  • Easy To Conceal Under Clothes

Waist Trainers by Harriet is a unique waist trainer that was created by a busy mom of three. She wanted a way to drop a few inches and accentuate her sexy curves. She tried others online but found that most of them were clumsy and ineffective.

She decided to make her own!

She dropped 4 inches in 3 weeks and was bombarded with requests from her friends. The rest is history.

All of our trainers are made with:

  • Cooling Technology
  • Superior Materials
  • Flexibility & Comfort in Mind
  • Durable Quality


  • Busy Moms
  • Postpartum Moms
  • Women Who Struggled with Weight
  • Women Who want FAST Results

Curious about this amazing hourglass maker? Grab one today and see the different Waist Trainers by Harriet can make!


Reviewer image
Louise W.

Best waist trainer on the market! Started off with a Xtra large now I'm down to a medium Yay Me!

Reviewer image
Chantal Y.

This was my best waist training ever, I will return back, best quality 👌

Reviewer image
Aelicia M.

I know I'm not the only one who has either lower belly or upper back spillage when wearing a waist trainer. I don't wear them extremely tight. I'm just fat...*shrugs. Anyway I decided to use the vest for my midsection/upper body and the regular waist trainer on top for my lower belly at the same time. Baby everything gets snatched in at once and I absolutely love it! Not uncomfortable at all. Both trainers are size XL on the first set of hooks. I'm 5'2 205-10 pounds (for now). Progress is showi...

Reviewer image
Trina A.

When I first started waistraining with Harriets waistrainers I’m wearing a size 3X here go shop you won’t be disappointed I promise

Reviewer image
Sharlotte B.

Can't tell I have one on? Yup, That's the point

Reviewer image
Victoria W.

he right shape we are has finally found me!! It doesn't roll or bunch and it smooth me out perfectly!! I was comfortable enough to dance my birthday away!!